New things..

Hi guys new things came its cool

1.a new hat.

new hat

2.New mask.

new mask


Agents items..+New suit coming

Hi guys the agents items finaly are out we will get it soon 😀 im soo happy

ill give u pics of them( i got them from main blog)

1.the boyz agent item

agents itemsss

2.girls agent items


4.i saw new suit canabs wearing ?? 😀 !


New suit


Hi guys Today ill show u the new posts! (this will be long).

1.The red color is back for color shower and cloths color

Red is back

2.The ClassRoom have Our favorite(Not all of us) game sliders!.Sliders in classroom!

3.New magic (The new magic is awesome).

New magic

4.The news button now its in the new shape i have picture (I like it alot).

New press news

5.New glasses and bib.

new glasses



Hello Guys I think you forgot something look this picture…

All of you are invited…:-)We hope that there will be moderator come and make rain so that will lots of fun:-)we make it advance because i know Sunday is a great day to make some parties…and im 180 Days old on chobots same with my best partner Paris006

Date: June 21

Time : 12:00 Cho-time

Place: Park

Server: Chocolate

We will Rock Chobots lets make some nice moves

Special Thanks to Winndixies for creating good invitation


shrinky is cheating at contest

cheatingshes cheating

Lag in cho-throw

Ever seen a lag in cho-throw before? To make it cooller when the lag stops, just keep clicking at the other player!huge lag

LOL it blocks out who I was playing! Can you guess who? 🙂


2 agents de-agented

During the agent meeting, 2 agents have been de-agented.

andrei93 and eugene

They broke the agent rules, I was there for some of it, I think eugene said he was hacked when he wasn’t or something.